Introducing: Community+

Community is the feeling of camaraderie with others because of shared values or interests, and plus is the myriad skills and diverse perspectives collectively harnessed for good. Community+ is Hub LA.

Community is the foundation for everything we are working toward. It’s the basis for meaningful collaborations and meaningful impact. I asked some members to share their “pluses” and made a video using them. It was so fun to see how members interpreted the offerings of the Hub LA community so differently. When we put it all together, though, it became clear how Hub LA isn’t just one thing, how the community fosters a curiosity about stories, a desire to collaborate, a new way to think about businesses and the resources available to you.

There are still so many “pluses” that we have yet to hear.

Share with us! Send your Community+ _______ photo or, better yet, come into Hub LA and take one! We love videos too!

The Community+ campaign runs for 100 days – April 2 – July 2. During this time, we’re offering special promo rates for new members. Check them out, along with our brand new membership level, Hub Professional. It’s a better time than ever to join the community – just in time to welcome the summer with an end-of-campaign rooftop party for Hub LA members.

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April 3rd, 2014

Posted by Helen Grossman
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