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Fare Conversations Dinner Gathers Food Sector Innovators at Hub LA

July 8th, 2014 – Posted by Hub LA
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Since April, Hub LA has been partnering with Whole Foods Market. The partnership has developed out of a mutual appreciation for the role that food plays in building community. And when Whole Foods began bringing delicious meals to our weekly community lunches and monthly wine downs, we saw the effects immediately: more people showing up, livelier conversations, and a tighter community. Last week, Whole Foods, Hub LA, and Team Friday used food to bring together [...] Read More

April is Month of the Food Trucks at Hub LA!

March 27th, 2014 – Posted by Hub LA
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Get revved up for Month of the Food Trucks! We love our weekly community lunch time at Hub LA. Every Wednesday at 12:30ish, we take a few minutes away from our computers, put our work on pause, and meet members of the Hub LA community – new and old. It’s casual, but often spurs new collaborations and friendships. For the month of April, we’ve decided to spice things up a bit during community lunch hours. [...] Read More

Hub LA Member Real Foods Farmacy Makes One-Stop-Shops for Health

February 25th, 2014 – Posted by Hub LA
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This month we’ve been looking at how Hub LA members are innovating in the food sector. When we heard about Chris Maloney’s startup real foods farmacy, we were instantly excited. Real foods farmacy develops small healthy grocery stores in fitness centers. We sent Chris some questions to learn more about his interest in healthy lifestyles and doing socially conscious work. Describe your company, real foods farmacy, and how you got the idea to start it [...] Read More