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Writing Pad LA Storytelling Series Kicks off Hub LA Holidays

December 11th, 2013 – Posted by Hub LA
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You wouldn’t think that a squid sailing to the sun, a play-doh golem, and an 11-year old’s discovery of AOL Instant Messenger chat rooms have much to do with each other. Any of the 175 guests at Writing Pad LA’s holiday storytelling party at Hub LA, however, could tell you otherwise. The Los Angeles writing school’s party featured live readings and performances from Ben Loory (“This American Life” contributor), DC Pierson (Community, Weeds), Issa Rae [...] Read More

Blast Off! We’ve Launched!

September 24th, 2012 – Posted by Katy
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A Launch Party Recap and Heartfelt Thank You Last Thursday, September 20th, we celebrated the launch of Hub Los Angeles with over 500 of our closest friends, supporters, and sponsors. As is usually the case when cocktails, music, and a photo booth is involved, the photos are fantastic. And in some cases, fantastically incriminating. Visit the Picturesque Photobooth gallery to see the hard evidence. DJ B Hen on the turntables got the dance floor hot– [...] Read More