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Professionals by Day, Wingmen by Night: Meet Hub LA Members Matt Stokke & Derek Davis

April 25th, 2014 – Posted by Hub LA
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Hub LA members Matt Stokke and Derek Davis are the founders of The First Text, a service that they liken to being your online “wingman.” They help curate online dating profiles and messages. While they’re the first to acknowledge that the concept is kind of strange, the idea for the company came from a (kind of hilarious) personal experience they had a few years ago. What’s different about Matt and Derek, though, is that these [...] Read More

Startup with a Side of Curing Cancer

March 26th, 2014 – Posted by Helen Grossman
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When you visit Hub LA, you’re likely to spot Neeraj Kapoor scribbling unintelligible math equations on our whiteboard walls. Neeraj and his business partner Stephen Chen founded Learn to Be, an online tutoring service that offers 24-hour, completely free services. I caught up with Neeraj to learn a little more about the work he’s doing and who else from the community he’s been working with on his various projects. What is Learn to Be? How [...] Read More

Meet Our Members: Mike Tringe of CreatorUp

November 6th, 2012 – Posted by Katy
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Meet Mike Tringe, co-founder of CreatorUp! CreatorUp is an online web series school offering fun, educational workshops and courses taught by experts and industry professionals. As the co-sponsor of the Unofficial Google+ Film Festival, CreatorUp is at the forefront of online content creation and distribution. (If you have a short film or webseries you’d like to submit, click here for more info.) Why did you chose to become a member of the Hub LA? The [...] Read More