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Hotel Hack Brings Social Innovation to Hospitality Industry

November 7th, 2014 – Posted by Hub LA
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After months of planning with the Cornell School of Hotel Administration, we designed Hotel Hack, a special, curated weekend event that builds off the intentional community at Hub LA and the collaborartive relationships among a group of talented, insanely different people who care about making an impact. Our Hotel Hack turned thirteen hand-selected Hub LA members and LA social innovators into experts in residence, consultants to the hospitality industry at this pivotal moment. The economy […] Read More

Chris Cherrie Brings Canadian Wisdom & Design Prowess to GLBT Sex Education

May 28th, 2014 – Posted by Helen Grossman
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Chris Cherrie works at verynice, a design and branding consultancy based out of Hub LA’s Media Lab. He may be young, but he’s driven. And Canadian. He founded Fraternize, an educational site for men to share experiences, knowledge, and questions about sexuality, dating, and sex. He’s broadening access to information about sex and gay culture that’s not taught in mainstream classrooms but is increasingly necessary given the prevalence of dating apps. You’re a wunderkind working […] Read More