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How Viral Marketing Launched a Successful Startup: REP Interactive

October 22nd, 2014 – Posted by Hub LA
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Repost from Hub LA Member CreatorUp’s Blog. See the original post here. Mike Tringe, Founder of CreatorUp, wrote this blog post after a JuiceUp morning on October 10. JuiceUps are our twice-monthly (every second and fourth Friday) power breakfast and networking event featuring successful entrepreneurs providing insight to their best practices, experiences, and social missions. CreatorUp co-hosts JuiceUps with Hub LA. On October 10, Mike Tringe moderated a Q&A and interview with Steve Gatena, founder […] Read More

5 Ways to Craft a Powerful Story for Your Business

October 21st, 2014 – Posted by Hub LA
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Guest post by Hub LA Member Michael Kass As founders and entrepreneurs and generally smart people, you spend countless hours on business plans and market data. But the reality is that investors and supporters won’t care about your data unless you make them care. Unless you get them excited about what you can do for the community and for them. Unless you can connect them to the passion you have for whatever you’re setting out […] Read More

GUEST POST: Going from Idea to Market: 6 Simple Steps in 6 Long Months

August 21st, 2014 – Posted by Hub LA
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Hub LA member Mike Tringe is the founder of CreatorUp, an online film school. This blog post is a version of a talk he gave at Innovate Pasadena. How long does it take to take your awesome new startup idea from the donut shop conversation phase to the real customer and company phase? Here is a snapshot of our journey, where CreatorUp went from an idea written on a giant sheet of paper with a […] Read More

New Media Meets Music Education at

June 19th, 2014 – Posted by Hub LA
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Chris Mendez is a Hub LA host on Tuesdays and Thursday evenings and hosts office hours every Saturday for Tech Startups. When he’s not at Hub LA, Chris works at KUSC, a classical radio station. He’s been instrumental in developing the app Geotunes, which allows users to listen to songs based on a city, landmark, or event as they explore an interactive map that places the songs in context. Geotunes was a finalist at for […] Read More

Hub LA Shares: 10 Steps to Making a Great Fundraising Video

November 14th, 2013 – Posted by Hub LA
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For our blog series “Hub LA Shares,” we’ve asked our members to share their expertise on something they’re passionate about professionally or personally. In this post, Steph Belsky of Lucid and Mike Tringe of CreatorUp joined forces to give us some pointers on how to make an effective fundraising videos. Perfect for nonprofits about to make their annual appeal or anyone looking to start a crowdfunded campaign, their “share” embodies the fantastic results of a […] Read More

Meet Our Members: Dr. Rishi Manchanda

July 25th, 2013 – Posted by Hub LA
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Meet Rishi! Rishi is a physician, public health leader, and social entrepreneur. Dr. Manchanda is the President and Founder of HealthBegins, a startup that provides training and tools to help clinics address patients’ social needs and community factors that drive disease. He is the lead physician in a clinic for high-utilizing homeless veterans at the VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System and also serves as the Director for Health System Transformation at Charles R Drew […] Read More

Funk and Seegull: Venture Capital Workshop

November 19th, 2012 – Posted by Katy
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Last Friday, Jon Funk of Ocean Road Partners and Fran Seegull of ImpactAssets lead a three hour workshop on how to raise capital for a social enterprise venture. Between these two experts, they represented over 45 years of discovering, evaluating, executing, and exiting startup investments and for-profit impact ventures. Over thirty people attended the class at Hub LA to learn from these two seasoned investors. Jon Funk opened the class with a hilarious clip from […] Read More

Member Story: Starting Up, Imperfectly

September 17th, 2012 – Posted by Katy
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I started my own business on August 28, 2012. After years of inchoate entrepreneurial dreams (and boss-strangling fantasies, and crying-in-the-ladies-room frustrations), I’m so proud to have launched something personally relevant, engaging, and fun. And it took two days to set it up. As I reflect on my first few weeks of business, I’m struck by how little time it took for me to pull the trigger on starting my own company, something I had wanted […] Read More