Member Spotlight: Kylie Hodges

Member Spotlight: Kylie Hodges

Kylie Hodges

A quote I love: “Become great at what you’re good at and ignore the rest.”


Title: Sales and Marketing Coordinator

Company: Kitchen Table App


Instagram: @kyliehodges

Twitter: @thekyliehodges

Facebook: @kylie.hodges.3


What do you do? Why?

On the Kitchen Table team, I am a personal account rep for all the people who post on the app and I help them make their event a success. Kitchen Table is a social dining app, bringing people together over great food and conversation. I am a personal account rep to anyone who becomes a Host on the app and support them in whatever they need to make their gathering a success. I also try to go to as many events as possible, and plan our own pop-ups. In addition to working on the marketing team, I’m also a Host! I have held a variety of different gatherings in the app, such as a Leadership Coaching event for women at my home. We discussed how to step up and be a leader of our own lives.

I also Host a monthly comedy show at my home with all female comics on Kitchen Table App, called “Casa de Comedy”. My fiance is a comic and I’ve noticed many shows he is booked on don’t have women in the line-up so I figure it makes sense to find, collaborate, and work with other female comics in the industry. We start off with a lively wine tasting on my pool deck to get to know everyone and then we move into the living room for the comedy show. I would love to see some new faces at my next show, on September 28! (This one is a fundraiser for the non-profit Miry’s List!)

On top of it all, I’ve launched a side hustle this past August as a Professional Wing-Woman. For entrepreneurs spread too thin and don’t have the time to get their face out there, I go out on their behalf and network for them. I funnel people to my clients and help them increase sales, find mentors or collabs, and grow their overall network. At the end of the day, I love connecting people together.

If you could choose one out of the multiple things you do, what would it be?

Too hard to choose. It’s like choosing a child - how do you choose? But, I do have bigger dreams for my side hustle and would love to see it grow!

Then again, I also have additional goals like traveling for speaking engagements, releasing a book, and more.

What’s your greatest strength that allows you to do what you do?

I’m a great connector and communicator. I’m the definition of a people person. People are always on their laptops and other devices, and I want to help create that human-to-human interaction - Kitchen Table App and my side hustle fulfill that and it feels great! I love breaking the ice to get to know people and will gladly do it for someone who can’t.

What or who inspires you?

Three people: My mom, because moms are the best; my life coach, Laura Weldy, who has helped me immensely with my side hustle; and Kelly, Founder of Kitchen Table. Kelly is a very supportive person, encouraging the team to dream bigger, even outside of Kitchen Table. I admire her hustle to create something of her own.

What are you working on right now?

My side hustle - I would love to grow it. But, everything weaves into each other. My side hustle weaves into Kitchen Table and even into my comedy shows. Right now, I’m putting my energy into everything I love and prioritizing the best I can.

What do you find challenging?

The most challenging thing is that now in 2018 we’re now in a world where no one just has one job. Trying to balance family, relationships, work, health, and… self-care, isn’t always easy. I’ve been avoiding the dentist for a year, and now that I just outed myself I imagine I’ll feel enough pressure to go book a cleaning immediately after this interviewing. I will eventually, hopefully find the middle ground soon!

How can someone approach you to work with you?

Talk to me! Text me! Email me! I’m very accessible.


Anything else you want to share?

I Invite all Hub members to my all-female comedy show on Friday, September 28, which also serves as a fundraiser for the local non-profit, Miry’s List. Email me at if you’d like to come - it’s going to be a great time (or, save your seat on Kitchen Table App if you already have it on your phone!)

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