Hub LA is a social enterprise with the mission to connect, empower, and resource Angelenos working to create positive change in the world. In this impact economy, where people use their unique assets in the marketplace to blend financial and social returns, there is no shortage of good ideas, but an acute lack of support structures to make them happen. Hub LA addresses this problem by curating a member community of about 460 people and providing roughly 4000 square feet of flexible work, meeting, and event space for members based on five monthly use packages. Borrowing from the best of a social club, an innovation agency, a serviced office, incubator, and a think-tank, Hub LA is the place to scale your impact, access knowledge, networks, capital and markets, and above all, a place to experience and encounter diverse people doing amazing things.

The Hub started in 2005 in London, as a unique communal workspace for people dedicated to creating a radically better world. Now a global community of social entrepreneurs, The Hub brand consists of spaces in cities spanning across six continents that provide social innovators with workspace, business resources, and the connectivity needed to achieve maximum impact. Already present in 20+ cities, Hubs are currently located in cities such as Amsterdam, San Francisco, Berlin, Bombay, Bristol, Brussels, Cairo, Halifax, Johannesburg, London, Madrid, Milan, Porto, Riga, Rotterdam, Sao Paolo, Stockholm, Tel Aviv, Toronto, Atlanta, and soon-to-be Los Angeles! In addition, there are more than 20 Hubs expected to open their doors in the next 24 months.

The Opportunity

According to the Monitor Institute, in the next 10 years the U.S impact economy will exceed $500 billion. As the region’s only innovation environment dedicated to furthering the impact economy, Hub LA is positioned to capture and accelerate growth in this market by providing impact enterprises with visibility, access to the right mix of capital, knowledge, resources and the interdisciplinary talent that, when attracted together, creates value far in excess of the sum of its parts.

Many communities representing social venture capital, nonprofits, community-based organizations, cutting-edge business and engineering schools, and leading entrepreneurial firms already exist in Los Angeles.  However, many of these entities are intellectually siloed and geographically disconnected from one another.  Collaboration, communication, and partnership across sectors and locations is needed to move Los Angeles forward in the midst of a shifting economy, one characterized by creative disruption, hybrid approaches, and blurred lines.  Hub LA’s physical and virtual habitats will provide the enabling platform to build social capital and accelerate natural collaboration in order to remain competitive as a region.

In addition to driving the local impact economy, Hub LA members will be connected to the global impact economy through Hubs across the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia – connected by shared projects, hi-tech video conferencing and collaboration systems, and programming.  Hub LA members can leave their home-base Hub and walk into another Hub in some far away city and find the same value proposition, the same community.

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