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By John Dugan; Photos by Brian To

The clichĂ© is that Los Angeles is dominated by its cutthroat movie business, shallow people and enviable weather. It isn’t exactly the first place one thinks of for socially-conscious entrepreneurs. Perhaps it should be. With the opening of HUB Los Angeles, “Impact Professionals” (which it defines broadly as individuals with work that creates “positive social and environmental change”) have a club at which to to congregate in the downtown arts district. The membership club is targeted at professionals “creating positive societal and environmental impact through their work in the world,” as well as those approaching business as a collaborative endeavor, and those in need of “a second campus atmosphere.” Hub LA offers members access to 4,000 square feet of creative industrial space in the heart of the Arts District to meet, work, collaborate, and socialize.

Hub Los Angeles’ interiors were created by Haworth, Gardner Design Lab, and local artist/designer, Moses Hacmon.

Playing off the university campus motif, the modern space is also capitalizing on the increase in co-working needs of independent professionals, and the fatigue of lack-of-face time that’s emerged as a side effect of social media. “Our tech platforms have evolved, but what would it look like if our physical world changed to accommodate the level of social connectivity, flexibility, blurred lines, just-in-time services, and mobility that we use in our virtual lives? We want Hub Los Angeles to be the answer,” shares Elizabeth Stewart, CEO, Co-founder, Hub Los Angeles.

According to Hub, this model of a professional club is not based on status or economics but community. Hub LA already boasts more than 100 members and various organizations are in talks about joining. Lead partners for Hub LA’s launch included GOOD, Participant/TakePart, IdeaMensch, Investors’ Circle, LA Contemporary Dance Company, Wheelz, and Ashoka. There are over 30 Hubs around the world.

For information on membership, visit, 10/17/2012

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October 25th, 2012

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