Out of Time - Part 1

This blog is the third in a five-part series on Enhancing Your Creativity. Hub LA is reposting with permission from Jana’s blog.

Galaxy mind time flies

We can be pretty sneaky in how we use time as an excuse to prevent ourselves from accessing our greater creative capacities.

Time can be a vehicle in which we give away our power to others or as a perceived barrier for not engaging in the things that truly matter to us (such as always saying “yes” to “meh” plans instead of actually working on our passion project). We can also use time as a measuring stick for where we believe we are falling short of where we “should” be in life compared to others.

Usually it all comes back to fear-based scarcity thinking: that we don’t have enough and that we are not enough. All untruths we’ve been programmed to tell ourselves.

Examples of scarcity thinking in relation to time are thoughts such as, “I’m running out of time, I never have enough time, it’s too late, I’m too old.” Scarcity thinking tends to manifest through the vehicles of time and money.

This sense of not having enough is not personal, its evidence of a collective scarcity mind-set that’s been the prevalent paradigm on our planet. And things are shifting, but many of us are still running the old programs.

Nothing is guaranteed to hijack your creativity faster than engaging in scarcity thinking.

So how do we shift out of scarcity thinking around time to enhance our greater creative abilities?

For starters, we bring awareness to the topic.

It’s important to remember that, time is essentially a linear, man-made construct, that we created to help us organize ourselves within groups, aka society. (Click here for a fun TED Ed video on the history of keeping time). Time, like technology or money, is a tool. We created these tools to serve us and not the other way around. Stop and ask yourself how might your life look different if you let time serve you and your creative dreams, and not the other way around?

Secondly, realize you have more control over your time than the stories you may be tell yourself.

You are the creator of your own life, to the degree that you are willing to recognize it. This includes how you engage your time.

Call to action: CREATE A TIME LOG! To have more creative control over your time, it helps to get conscious with how you are engaging it. An easy way to to do this is to create a time log and track how you “spend” your time for a week. You can google “time log” and find a pre-made one that resonates with you or you can make one, using a sheet of paper or in a journal. Break your days into hours and keep note of what you were doing during that hour AND how you were feeling as you were doing it, the more specific you allow yourself to get the more this tool can work for you. (eg. instead of saying I was working for 8 hours and I felt bored, actually list out the activities, hour by hour, and how it felt in your body as you were doing them). The point is not to judge yourself about how you use your time, but just to bring more conscious awareness to how you are actually spending it.

Stay tuned, as next week we’ll explore more about how you can use time to serve you and enhance your creativity from a more present, embodied and abundant perspective … (it will also help you stay more sane this holiday season).

Jana Carrey, MA, is the Founder of Creative Spirit Awakening, an dynamic form of transformational coaching & mentoring aimed to empower artists, writers, creative entrepreneurs and global game changers. She is a playful visionary, creativity coach & consultant, as well as an artist, writer and an intuitive.

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December 8th, 2014

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