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High Impact Angeleno: Nancy Gale

Nancy Gal

CEO, Jamah Inc.



A leader in the emerging trend of exclusive, yet accessible authorities, designer and owner of JAMAH Handbags, Nancy takes trendsetting to another level and reaches beyond the obvious. She encompasses more than the trend in trendsetting, recognizing that there is more than meets the eye and states that fashion must consider more than external beauty. According to Nancy, the trend of today and the wave of the future are “timeless-with-a-twist” designs that combine style, the knowledge that what is truly fashionable is on the inside and product that is “Made in the USA.”

An advocate of entrepreneurship, Nancy believes small business is vital to our economy. Recognizing through personal experience the challenges of owning a business she is dedicated to bringing to light the human experience of the impassioned endeavor. Nancy strives to inspire small business owners to never give up and to keep pursuing the road to prosperity and to keep the dream alive. Recently, she mentored Kalief Rollins, winner of NFTE’s 2009 Oppenheimer Funds/NFTE National Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge.

Having spent her teenage years in Detroit, Nancy saw firsthand the benefits of manufacturing in the USA and the unfortunate demise. Inspired by a rich history of American craftsmanship and a sadness from what appeared to be a lack of consciousness, she was determined to bridge the gap. With a strong belief that the spirit of the American Dream is vital to self-respect, Nancy advocates that when we respect ourselves, only then will we respect our own backyards and communities. Confident that hands-on participation and the journey of the process directly impacts self-esteem and pride, In True Fashion was born. The beauty of the movement is its inspiration . . . promoting that what is truly fashionable is on the inside.

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