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High Impact Angeleno: Tom Feegel

Tom Feegel

CEO and Principle, Brand Neutral

Tom Feegel is the CEO and principal of Brand Neutral, an eco-consultancy providing the leaders of the environmental 2.0 Movement with advisory services related to brand strategy, content creation and revenue growth. As Chief of Staff for Al Gore’s Global Concert Event on 7-7-07, Tom oversaw sponsorship, worldwide sustainability and marketing. He created a popular consumer handbook on surviving the climate crisis published by Rodale, oversaw the production of 60 short films that opened the Tribeca Film Festival and championed an on the road greening guide for celebrities and artists. Tom is a Climate Project certified presenter of the Inconvenient Truth power point. More recently, Brand Neutral produced Earth Hour Los Angeles for World Wildlife Fund’s 2009 global event. Tom is currently creating a series of fun and engaging tools designed for kids 10-21 to lead their parents and the rest of the world to a cleaner, healthier, more sustainable future. Other organizations Tom has worked with include Disney, NBC, Dell, Ford, Phillips, Smart Car, Pepsi, National Geographic, Healthy Child Healthy World, Girl Scouts of the USA, Kiva.org, National Wildlife Federation, Energy Star and The Vatican.

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