The New Conference on the Block: Buddhist Geeks

July 29th - 31st, 2011

A groundbreaking Buddhist conference brought to you by the Buddhist Geeks podcast (over 100,000 monthly downloads!) is being held in LA in just a few short weeks. The conference bills itself as “the most innovative, energetic and relevant event in the Buddhist world.” Perfect. The Hub LA will be there, and so should you!

Why are we so excited?

As pointed out in Fast Company’s recent homage to the conference, “Fifteen years after Steve Jobs first extolled the beauty of a beginner’s ability to think without preconceptions, the business world is more enamored than ever with ancient Eastern principles.” From Google to Zynga, major companies are integrating evermore creative strategies for addressing productivity through work/life balance benefit programs - acupuncture, yoga, more-than-the-measly-American-average of paid vacation time.

In the social enterprise sector, many of us start out pursuing our passion and loving every minute of it. Work/life balance solved! Yet as our companies grow and the emails, stress, and big decisions pile up, it can be just as challenging to stay grounded and hold on to our health and sanity. Bye bye weekends. What’s vacation again?

The forward thinking Buddhist Geeks conference is the perfect opportunity to regroup without having to pretend there isn’t some serious work to get back to or fasting for a week in the mountains (though that is great, too). Bringing together some of the most exciting teachers, leaders and thinkers from the US and beyond, Buddhist Geeks’ vibrant program includes presentations, workshops, performances, conversations and practice opportunities  – all held within the inclusive and non-denominational attitude that Buddhist Geeks is known for.

Sessions that particularly tickle my fancy include:

  • TED speaker and game designer Jane McGonigal’s keynote “AWAKENING IS AN EPIC WIN
  • Buddhist teacher, executive coach, and management consultant Ken McLeod’sThere is No Enemy: a tool kit for change”
  • Director of Mindfulness Education at UCLA Diana Winston’s workshop “You are What you Download: The Dharma and the Internet”



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