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Imagination Foundation Gears Up for Creative School Year

July 30th, 2014 – Posted by Helen Grossman
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On the same day last year, a group of children made shadow puppets in Capetown, South Africa while a group of students in London built a House of Fairy Tales. On the side of the globe, a group of tweens built an obstacle in their New Jersey front yard while families at a community center in Seattle built a pirate ship. On any other day, we’d brush off this coincidence as after school play, but […] Read More

Hub Berkeley Opens!

September 23rd, 2009 – Posted by Elizabeth Stewart
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Hub Berkeley, launched by the Bay Area Hub team, is the first Hub to open in the US!  It represents a key node for linking US social innovators and entreprenuers to the global movement of Hub members.  as As HubLA gets up and running, we look forward to a partnership that deepens north-south relations (bridging the great divide between Northern California and Southern California)!