Meet Our Members: Mike Tringe of CreatorUp

Meet Mike Tringe, co-founder of CreatorUp!

CreatorUp is an online web series school offering fun, educational workshops and courses taught by experts and industry professionals. As the co-sponsor of the Unofficial Google+ Film Festival, CreatorUp is at the forefront of online content creation and distribution. (If you have a short film or webseries you’d like to submit, click here for more info.)

Why did you chose to become a member of the Hub LA?
The Hub members are passionate and committed individuals with a real sense of mission to what they do. As an online education startup, we see the world in a very specific way: everyone is a teacher with something to offer. I feel that we have a lot to learn from the collective experience of each other at the Hub LA, and I like that everyone is bound together by the mission of doing work with a purpose.

What are you most excited about regarding your membership?
I’m most excited about getting to work with other Hub members on their projects — and to gain a new perspective on our own initiatives and projects.

What are the social enterprise goals of CreatorUp?
As a company, we want to increase the diversity of perspectives and improve the quality of online video. By raising visibility of unheard voices, CreatorUp facilitates free expression of ideas through video and increases the accessibility to this kind of education. As a teacher in Morocco, I found the most rewarding part of my job was getting to watch the documentaries my students made. It gave me a special window into the way they saw and experienced the world. As a small example, there was a taxi strike happening that students were asked to document through video. In watching their project, I heard and saw perspectives of the local Moroccans through the lens of their camera that I would have never understood otherwise. This inspires me every day to continue to open up the channels of personal communication in an increasingly fragmented and disconnected media landscape.

What are some new goals or ways in you wish to grow now that you are a member of Hub LA?
I’d love to expand my knowledge around new roles that I’ve taken on with our startup. I’d also love to learn more about everyone’s journey: how they became involved with their current company, what their motivations are for continuing to work on something outside the box on a daily basis.

Where do you see CreatorUp in one or two years from now?
I hope CreatorUp becomes the online destination for aspiring creators to learn about making and distributing their original projects online for the world to see.

Describe your perfect LA day.
Surf and turf! Surfing in the morning, skiing in the afternoon.

Discover more about CreatorUp on their Facebook page and Twitter feed.

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November 6th, 2012

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