Meet Our Members: Andrew Gibbs, CEO and Founder of

Meet Andrew Gibbs! Andrew Gibbs founded, the world’s number one package design website, in 2007. Formerly the Creative Director for the leading beverage development company in the nation, Andrew now serves as CEO of Dieline Media LLC, where he oversees, The Dieline Package Design Awards, and The Dieline Package Design Conference. He is also author of Box Bottle Bag - The World’s Best Package Designs from

Why did you become a Hub LA member?
The main reason I became a Hub LA member was for community. I wanted to surround myself with other like-minded people in LA, other entrepreneurs, creatives, designers, and business owners like myself. This alone was my driving reason to join. After working on my own for over 4 years now, I determined that I really thrived working in a collaborative and creative environment with others, and Hub LA has made that happen.

What is the best part of your Hub LA membership?
I think the best part is being able to come in everyday, and be surrounded by other motivated people. That alone gives me so much drive to push myself further. I also love the coffee.

What does “doing good” mean for your and your business?
The Dieline itself IS a social enterprise at its core. It always has been. The Dieline would not be what it is without everyone who reads the website every day, follow us on social media, come to our conferences, and participate in our awards program. They are the lifeblood of The Dieline. It is because of our readers and supporters that we are able to do what we do today, and that is providing package design inspiration, and education throughout all of our platforms. Its supporting the package designer, and promoting the package design industry as a whole. “Doing good” to me means helping other people, and I really believe that The Dieline allows me to do that.

What are some of the goals you hope to achieve this year?
2013 is going to be a great year for The Dieline. In the past few years, we grew so fast in such a short amount of time. This is the year that we are really able to understand what we have done, the impact we have had on the industry as a whole, and our opportunity and obligation to the package design community and package designer. It is our focus in 2013 to elevate the role of the package designer itself, and put a spotlight on the importance of well designed packaging in today’s marketplace. We will do that through more focused editorial content, going deeper behind the design of projects we feature, and through our conferences and events.

Describe your perfect LA day.
A Sunday morning farmers market run, a home-cooked breakfast, a hike with my dog at Runyon Canyon, shopping around Downtown, a trip to the Getty, then dinner with friends at a new restaurant. Perfection.

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