Meet Our Team: Ann Le, COO/CFO at The Hub LA

In her own words: our COO/CFO, Ann, on working at The Hub LA:

I knew that I wanted to be a part of the Hub LA when I met with CEO and co-founder Elizabeth Stewart. She’s inspiring. Great Kool-Aid. It wasn’t a hard decision to hop on board, and I’m grateful that I get to come to our wonderful DTLA space-my second home, really-every day.

My background informs my work here constantly. As a former bond trader, I’m use to working in some organized chaos; switching from thinking divergently and convergently back and forth, early and late, at all times. I love that everything I do matters, for better or for worse. With my time spent at Universal Pictures, I’m looking forward to helping launch the Media Department, to growing a new content-creating community, and to working with even more inspired individuals.

My role at the Hub LA includes…EVERYTHING! As CFO/COO, I do everything from run numbers, critiquing business plans to making sure the water delivery arrives. My favorite thing, though, is to be with the community; I love hosting and being the Hub LA therapist.

I get an enormous amount of satisfaction from working at Hub LA. As entrepreneurs, designers, artist, etc., our days and weeks are up and down. There’s always momentum and there are sometimes set-backs. I love that Hub LA is a very driven place, but maybe I love even more that it’s also a very safe one. As leaders, we shouldn’t be expected to hold our swagger day-in, day-out. I am so pleased that we are a community that knows how to support - in praise and in picking each other up.

I love LA. In addition to the Hub, I’m also very active in producing a movie called DEAR WHITE PEOPLE, gardening, cooking, and bothering my husband. I also sit on the boards of Clockshop and the Garden School Foundation. Not only do I want to hear feedback from Hub LA members, I’d also love to hear from any one who has an interest in becoming a member! Or discussing the soon-to-launch Media Department. Basically, ask me anything. Email me at [email protected], or stop by and say hello in person!

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February 13th, 2013

Posted by Hub LA
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