Meet Our Team: Julie Lebedev, Managing Director of the (soon-to-launch!) Media Department

In her own words, Julie Lebedev speaks about her role in envisioning, building, and opening the Media Department.

I’m excited to launch the Hub LA Media Department because I believe there is nothing like it in LA. There could not be a better suited place-and more perfect time-for such an endeavor than Los Angeles as it is right now.

My background in entertainment includes a brief, only slightly painful stint at a talent agency. During my time at Participant Media, I got to work with the best people to create entertaining and inspiring content. But things are changing. Whether it is more accessible technology to create content or new platforms to distribute and consume media, the entertainment industry and the studio model is in flux. New distribution models and ideas will soon need to be embraced. Since I started my own independent film production company, I’ve learned more than I probably wanted to about the ups and downs of making a movie! I will say, however, that there is nothing quite as rewarding as watching the finished product on screen.

Our goal at the Media Department is to bring storytellers, message makers, and visual artists together with social entrepreneurs to create meaningful, entertaining content. The Hub LA has a unique opportunity to leverage the wealth of creative talent in Los Angeles by bringing powerful change agents under one roof. The positive impact that these very dynamic combinations could yield is beyond exciting.

It would make me so happy to see innovative, compelling co-productions between members coming out of the Media Lab. And maybe an Oscar or two. Current Hub members—-social entrepreneurs, artists, activists, policy makers, technologists, and educators, both in LA and globally—-have expressed the need to tell their stories, to demonstrate the social impact of their enterprise, to collaborate on their next creative endeavor, and to disseminate their message. They know how the power of multimedia can enhance their brands but they generally lack the required technical proficiency, in both production and post-production. Often, they don’t know where to start and lack even basic understanding of how to create multimedia/visual content. We see a huge opportunity to change all this.

Construction is underway and we’ve got a fantastic team working on creating an inspiring space to collaborate. Simultaneously, we’re developing programming that will offer something for everyone. Construction is in full swing and we’ve paid an incredible amount of attention as to how to make the space as productive and functional as it is attractive and intriguing.

I’d love to hear suggestions as to what resources and inspiration are critical to the creative process. How can we make the Media Department the undisputed center of LA’s creative community? What stories need to be told? What combination of filmmakers, creatives, and social innovators will engender the greatest impact? I, for one, can’t wait to see the infinite number of ways these questions can be answered. Email me at [email protected]!

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February 13th, 2013

Posted by Hub LA
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