Meet Our Members: Stephanie Belsky of Lucid.

Meet Stephanie! She’s the founder of Lucid., a creative firm specializing in online video production and YouTube optimization for non-profits, social enterprises, and companies seeking to give back.

Why did you choose to become a Hub LA member?
I first came to Hub LA because I had been introduced to Matt Manos of verynice through a mutual friend; I wanted to learn more about his blended for-profit/pro-bono business model since I wanted to do something similar with Lucid. I had no idea what Hub LA was beyond a street address. But when I walked in and looked around, I immediately felt a sense of connection and belonging with everyone here. It’s a bunch of social entrepreneurs working on great new ways to make the world better. I met like five other people during that first visit—people here are so easy to talk to and will introduce themselves in the kitchen or around the coffee machine—and I knew that membership, for me, was mandatory.

What’s the best part of your membership?
Access to all the resources-and the real resources are the people! I love being able to walk in to the Hub and see what everyone else is working on. My brain starts turning, thinking of ways to collaborate—whether person to person or business to business. Already I’ve been able to execute on a couple collaborations with fellow members. And of course the socializing doesn’t hurt, either; happy hours are fun!

Most recently, the opening of the new Media Lab is huge for lucid. because I work almost exclusively with freelancers and a network of technically gifted people that might not have the access to high-end equipment. It’s a huge advantage for me to be able to connect with the Lab and provide my clients with better product. Meeting rooms, screening rooms, editing bays, classroom space…there’s a need for all of this with my company.

Tell us a little about your work. What does it mean to “do good” for you vis-a-vis your enterprise?
Lucid is a way to branch the entertainment and technology sectors with non-profits. Our goal is more visibility for nonprofits. Visibility means awareness means fundraising means change. What people don’t realize is that sometimes giving back is as simple as sharing what they love and what they’re already doing. If they can put a message behind their project that can benefit a nonprofit by directing them funding, everybody wins.

In what ways are you looking to grow? What types of collaborations or partnerships interest you?
We just launched our website, We’re growing really fast. I was just in New York at DreamIt Ventures working with Creator UP! on a new web series about how non-profits can create fundraising videos that are compelling and effective.
In addition to that, we are working with WeDidIt which is a crowdfunding platform for non-profits. Video is such a big component of these Kickstarter-like fundraisers, so we want to level the playing field and make sure that as many nonprofits have a shot at raising the most funds they can.

I am always looking to team up with other companies to take the burden of fundraising off of nonprofits so they can get back to the business of doing what they do best. Anything that helps to increase non-profit visibility (and to measure the metrics of success for that) is of interest to us. I encourage anyone with questions about this stuff—YouTube channels, online video, production, project management, brainstorming ideas—to email me at [email protected] !

Describe your perfect LA day.
I’d start at Cafe de Leche for some Stumptown coffee. Afterwards a hike at Griffith or Bronson Canyon Park and then have some friends over to cook a huge brunch—mimosas, and bloody marys, maybe a frittata or two. Then happy hour at Venice Ale House on the boardwalk (I like the beer kombucha) followed by either a show at the Echo or the Upright Citizens Brigade (I love improv).

Visit Lucid. online, on Facebook, and on Twitter.

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July 8th, 2013

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