A Mighty Warrior with a Good Heart: Eric Greitens

Next Monday, on July 18th, there’s an opportunity for you to meet a mighty warrior with a good heart, Eric Greitens, at the Creative Arts Agency in Century City, where Eric will be presenting his New York Times Bestselling Memoir, The Heart and the Fist: The Education of Humanitarian, the Making of the Navy SEAL. (Event Details)

What entails a mighty warrior with a good heart? Try being a US Navy SEAL, an award-winning author, and a Rhodes scholar. These are only a handful of Eric’s accomplishments.

Anyone who has met or spoken with Eric can attest to his captivating story of transitioning from humble humanitarian to elite warrior. Many, however, will be surprised to know that Eric is also a noted social entrepreneur.

When Eric returned from his military service in Iraq, he founded The Mission Continues, America’s leading organization for helping wounded and disabled warriors to serve their country again as citizen leaders here at home. The Mission Continues has been recognized by the Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation, the Manhattan Institute for Social Entrepreneurship, and New Profit as one of America’s most socially innovative nonprofits.

You might recognize him from his appearance on Steven Colbert just last month:

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We’re excited to be partnering with CAA to promote Eric’s new book. Century City is a great area and getting out of the house on a Monday evening is a great way to kick off the perfect week. Don’t be surprised to find us at Pink Taco before and/or after the event grabbing some drinks.

For more information about the event, check out their Eventbrite page here: http://heartandfistla.eventbrite.com/.

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