Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Summer Dinner Benefit

42% of school children in Los Angeles are considered overweight or obese.

This shocking statistic motivated Jamie Oliver and Steven Bombet to design a campaign that worked with prominent chefs and restaurants in Los Angeles to raise money to fight childhood-obesity. Over the next few months, informational post cards will be presented to diners alongside their check at nearly 100 restaurants across the city, urging people to join the Revolution by donating $5 by texting Jamie to 20222.

This Sunday, on August 7th, Test Kitchen will be hosting the Summer Dinner Benefit at Picca Restaurant to support Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution campaign for better school food and healthier futures for LA’s children in the fight against Childhood Obesity. A special six-course meal will be prepared for you by celebrated chefs, Ricardo Zarate and and Gary Menes.

For more information, check out the official invitation.

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