Event Recap: We Did Good On the Do Good Bus

The day started as we individually arrived at the Metro Train Station, wondering where we were going to be taken on this mystery party bus. We were greeted by Rebecca and Stephen, co-founders of the Do Good Bus, who arrived on a colorful bus, covered in graffiti! If you don’t know anything about the Do Good Bus, read about it on our previous post.

Our first stop was a tour through Project Youth Green, a 4 acre community garden that focuses on youth education, community gardening and physical exercise, coordinated by Youth Speak! Collective. Project Youth Green provides low-income youth and families with the space and education to grow fruits and vegetables. It was inspiring to see what they’ve done with government owned land that was otherwise unused.

Our second stop was at MEND Poverty (Meet Each Need with Dignity), a privately funded community program that provides low-income children and families with emergency food, clothing, medical, vision and dental care, job skill training, job placement assistance, English as a second language classes, and youth activities. An exciting statistic is that MEND is 99% volunteer driven and is now the largest poverty agency in the Valley, serving as many as 32,000 individuals in 2010.

At MEND, we split up into a few stations; the activities were boxing some food, digging and building an herb garden, and building a compost bin. This is when I realized that physical volunteering might be my favorite way to work out. For example, digging up tough dirt was a great full body work out, I got to spend the day in the sun, and I made some friends.

We can’t thank the Do Good Bus enough for showing us such a good time, and serving us wine from One Hope Wine and food from Bergamot Cafe. The Do Goos Bus is partnering with Foster the People for their tour soon, and they need your support! For only $5, you can get your face on the side of the bus, show your support here and tell all your friend about it!

We also want to thank Mindshare for partnering with us to host this wonderful event and everybody who came out to Do Good.

Below are a few photos and a video from the event, courtesy of Bonnie Hawthorne, and you can visit the Do Good Bus website’s Recap of the event for more pictures.

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